Tisfoon Ulterior Systems

Lumber Defect Scanner

Automatically Detects Defects in Lumber

The Tisfoon Lumber Defect Scanner automatically detects defects and grade in lumber using a vision system. The system may be retrofitted directly inside an existing cut-off saw or, more generally, it may be stand alone.

The Tisfoon Scanner is fast enough to defect, grade and optimize as the saw cuts the lumber and imposes no limitations on the production speed of the saw. Advanced optimization techniques and algorithms allow for accurate cut decisions even when the scanner is installed inside the saw.

The defect and grade identification engine is based on statistical analysis and is therefore immune to lighting changes and even Lumber Species. In two installations the scanner is fed a mixture of species at the same time! The scanner is robust and not needing constant calibration. Any calibrations or adjustments to the parameters are done via an easy to use touch screen interface.

With the Tisfoon Lumber Defect Scanner, production is increased as boards do not have to be marked anymore. This is labor savings of one to two people per saw. With the low cost of the scanner, payback is less than 9 months to 18 months depending on the number of markers saved.

The product does not use any proprietary hardware. All the hardware is available on the market and reasonably priced. Therefore, spare parts costs are low. The differentiating feature of the product is our software. The algorithms used in detecting defects and grade are highly intelligent and as mentioned earlier based on statistical analysis. Entering parameters for defect identification is via touch screen and very intuitive. Parameters include standard deviation settings, as well as dimension or region settings.

It used to be that scanners were very expensive and a select group of manufacturers could either afford or justify them. Added to the expenses were the additional material handling costs. With the introduction of the Tisfoon scanner, more manufacturers can afford a scanner now.

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