Rip Saw Optimizer

Eagle RipMaster

The Eagle RipMaster optimizes lumber going into fixed arbor or moveable blade gang rip saws. Yield is increased by a pick and place mechanism as opposed to a fence based system. The advantage here is that the board being optimized may be scewed and precision fed into the rip saw. The traditional disadvantage has been the lower speed and production capacity of these systems. However, Tisfoon Ulterior System's innovative controls package has increased the production capacity of the RipMaster to the same level as the fence based system. With the additional yield savings of the pick and place system, the RipMaster out performs and out yields any other rip saw optimizer available.

Width and shape of the incoming board are scanned with a side bend scanner. Tisfoon's shape detection algorithm and optimization engine work together to determine the optimal scew, and rip solution for the board. Stepper motor controlled lasers quickly move to display the board solution to the operator. The operator then confirms the computer solution and triggers the board to be ripped. In that case, the board is picked up and delivered to the rip saw for ripping. The operator may also use the joystick controls to fine tune or override the computer solution. Override of the computer decision is important for cases where the operator defects the board and to get the long clear strips.

The Tisfoon Virtual Rough Mill simulator VRM compliments the RipMaster by generating optimal arbors that also satisfy the production requirement. The arbor is generated in such a way that it naturally produces the production requirement while maintaining a high yield. RipMaster picture Eagle RipMaster HMI Eagle RipMaster lasers Eagle RipMaster shuttle

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